S.C. Swiderski Attends the National Apartment Association Conference

S.C. Swiderski was proud to have three of its leaders attend the National Apartment Association conference in Denver, Colorado from June 26- 28. Nathanael Popp, Kari Kussow and Jacqui Miller participated in the conference that covered all things rental housing related.

The National Apartment Association is a non-profit trade association of apartment communities, owners and suppliers. The three day conference was attended by over 10,000 industry professionals and included general sessions, breakout sessions, national championship of Maintenance Mania and an exposition with over 550 suppliers.

“I love being able to bring the most current information in the industry back to the company. As we plan our new developments, we are aware of the trends in materials, amenities and services on a national level,” said Jacqui Miller, business development manager.

Leasing Manager, Kari Kussow, added, “What we learned will benefit our teams and tenants. We will use the information to improve our processes and services.”

The three managers were able to take a variety of classes covering operations, technology, marketing, and team development. “I am impressed with the advances in technology that I saw at the Expo. The industry is advancing to create efficiencies in development, marketing and service to our tenants,” explained Nathanael Popp, operations manager.

S.C. Swiderski is committed to investing in the training and development of its staff. Conventions like the NAA Apartmentalize Conference provide an opportunity for the company to receive a great deal of content presented by leaders in the apartment industry. The managers will roll out initiatives and training based on what they learned to the company and their teams.

Meet Our College Associate: Niharika Talwar


As we mentioned in our Introduction post about this year’s six College Associates, we’re looking forward to getting to know them a bit better with the following questions! First up, Niharika!

Niharika is in her senior year at UW-Madison and is majoring in Computer Science, Economics and Real Estate. This is her first year at S.C. Swiderski and she is in the Real Estate & Development Department.

Question #1: What motivated you to pursue an internship at S.C. Swiderski?

Niharika: When I came here for an interview with Jacqui, I was very happy to be in an atmosphere where each employee was rooting for the other, people were respectful, curious and friendly and everyone that I spoke with was a master in what they were doing for the company. The interview went well but when I left Mosinee, I felt emotionally attached to the people at S.C. Swiderski and if given a chance, I wanted to be in the same atmosphere and learn from the best people in the industry. The most attractive aspect was that I was allowed to customize the internship so I can work on projects in the predevelopment, construction, leasing and maintenance departments and get a holistic real life experience of working at a Real Estate firm.

Question #2: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Niharika: I hope to get an in depth exposure and experience in predevelopment and construction as those two are my favorites and I want to get a feel of real world numbers, for example, I want to be able to understand if a cap rate is high/low in a particular situation and to use it to determine if it is a good deal.  I also want to be able to take part in discussions with educated and well-informed people in the field of real estate, give intelligent inputs and shock people!! Haha!

Question #3: What is your dream job?

Niharika: My ideal job right after graduation should include land acquisitions and development work. I want to make the most iconic buildings. My dream job will be being the CEO of my own development company and working for myself.

Question #4: What are your plans after graduating UW-Madison?

Niharika:  I am applying for full time positions. So after I graduate I want to start working in development right away. I am also working to start my own cosmetic brand, which God willingly will launch in December, which is when I graduate.

Question #5: What are three things people might be surprised to know about you?


1.) I came in the top 1% of India in my senior year high school exams, which are made and corrected by the Indian Central Government.

2.) I love to cook.

3.) I studied a semester at Stanford University.




S.C. Swiderski Welcomes Six College Associates for 2019!

The year is half way over, but the hard work is just getting started at S.C. Swiderski! At S.C. Swiderski, we recognize the importance of investing in students who help shape the future workforce and we’re proud to introduce our six college associates that we’re working with this year! We’re pleased that three of them have returned to the program for multiple years!

David Hornung served in the United States Navy and is a recent graduate of UWSP. This is his first year with S.C. Swiderski and will be working in the Grounds Department.

Victor Kizewski is joining the Leasing Department for his first year and is attending NDSU pursuing a degree in Finances.

Niharika Talwar is in her senior year at UW-Madison and is majoring in Computer Science, Economics and Real Estate. This is her first year at S.C. Swiderski and she is in the Real Estate & Development Department.

Jack Hatlen is attending UW-Stout for a degree in Real Estate Property Management, as a 5th year Senior! This is his second year in the Leasing Department.

Ian Gibbs will be a sophomore at UWSP at Wausau this fall and is majoring in Business. This is his second year with us and in the Leasing Department.

Logan Langbehn is majoring in Construction Management at UW-Stout and has returned for a third year to S.C. Swiderski, with his first year being in the Excavation Department.

S.C. Swiderski is proud to work with talented students through the SCS College Associate Program. We are committed to providing a valuable experience for our associates. The program includes mentoring by managers, visits to multiple apartment and construction sites and interactions with all areas of the company for a comprehensive learning experience.

Stayed tuned for future blog posts featuring interviews with some of the associates about their experience!