S.C. Swiderski Hires Alex as Receptionist

Mosinee, WI- S.C. Swiderski, LLC, a construction and real estate investment company, announced that Alex Eades has joined the organization as a Receptionist in the corporate office. Alex will take on many different duties ranging from processing rent payments to being the face of the company.

Alex has more than 7 years of customer service and bookkeeping experience. Her most recent endeavor was managing inventory and records for the Trig’s of Wausau where she communicated with producers, wholesalers, and consumers to provide amazing service. “I hope to use what I have learned in the past and make sure all of our customers and clients are greeted with a friendly smile to enhance their overall experience with us,” said Alex.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Alex as the new face of the organization,” said Cortnee Ristow of the Human Resource Department. “She is very well qualified and has a track record of doing more than necessary. We look forward to having her onboard and seeing her succeed in this role.”