My First Month Interning at S.C. Swiderski - Gabrielle Kizewski

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Kizewski and I am the Leasing Intern at S.C. Swiderski this summer. I have only been working at the company for a month and have already been able to participate in the rapid growth and transition that is taking place. In this short time frame I have experienced retirements, the hiring of new employees, office relocations, and updates to leasing procedures.

My most memorable experience has been when I filled in as the site manager at Willow Estates in Plover, Wisconsin. I spent two weeks getting to know this vast site and the many tenants that occupy the apartments. There was a consistent number of residents and prospective tenants with questions and interests in the site. This steady flow of inquiries has allowed me to improve my knowledge of the company and provide educated and accurate information to tenants.

During one of my weeks at Willow, a huge storm occurred. The storm caused damage throughout the village of Plover, including cutting the power to the complex. Although the power was only out for a couple of hours, I did get to meet a lot of the occupants that I may not have otherwise. I learned that the residents value the sense of community S.C. Swiderski provides and are willing to help one another when they need it most.

The sense of community that the tenants share is similar to the community of departments at the corporate office. All employees are willing to help one another and office doors are always open. The experiences and professionalism I have gained at S.C. Swiderski will most definitely help me succeed as I complete my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.