October Star Spotlight


We are proud to recognize Javonna Jones as the October Star Spotlight. Javonna is the receptionist and also assists with many areas of the company’s operations. She was selected by her peers for her extra efforts and outstanding customer service to both our customers and our staff. Below are comments from her nominations.

Javonna provides true customer service to our tenants with her cheerful demeanor and willingness to help. She is always ready to go above and beyond to find the answers to questions or learn how to help in the future for the same situations that arise. Not only is she kind and friendly to our tenants, she is more than willing to take on extra tasks for all departments and goes out of her way to make all staff feel welcomed and included in the workplace. She keeps things running smoothly and her attention to detail is noticed daily. We appreciate her so very much!

Javonna has quickly acclimated herself to her position, additionally she is always asking to help. Also she has spearheaded a number of projects and is very thorough in her work.

It is so refreshing to see such a happy and professional presence as the face of the company. She continually goes above any beyond what is expected of her. She makes everyone’s job easier and brings in some much needed laughs into the work place.

Javonna has been an amazing addition to SCS for many reasons. She is a great first point of contact for everyone as she is always smiling and welcoming. She is always willing to help with side projects or requests that our department has and does them well. I’m glad she is a part of the team and adds to the great atmosphere at SCS. Thank you Javonna!