Our Star Spotlight for April is our amazing maintenance technicians. Randy Hazelton, Andy Braunel, Kevin Krush, Scott Lokker and Travis Kolpack complete hundreds of service calls every month. The skill level of this department is amazing as they handle calls other property managers need to outsource to plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals.  We are fortunate to have technicians with such talent and experience which positively impacts our tenant satisfaction and bottom line for the company. In addition to successfully handling a wide range of maintenance and repair issues, and being on call 24 hours a day for emergencies, they interact with our tenants and uphold a high level of customer service.

Recent tenant compliments include:

  • Kudos to the maintenance team
  • Randy did a wonderful job
  • Andy is very conscientious
  • Andy cares, takes care of things and will talk to you while he is working. Showing respect while getting the job done.
  • Kevin was so professional, polite and helpful.
  • A shoutout to Travis for just being so nice and doing such a good job.

Thank you Randy, Andy, Kevin, Scott and Travis for your commitment to excellence and customer service. You are all definitely stars of the company!