Behind the Scenes - Design


S.C. Swiderski designs, builds and manages their apartments putting them in the ideal situation to adapt their apartments based on feedback from thousands of tenants. A collaboration between departments takes place to decide floor plans, materials and finishes. The maintenance department tracks all work orders and repairs; they provide valuable input on materials and floor plans. The leasing department has daily communications with potential and existing tenants and compiles information on preferences and competing properties. The pre-construction team and marketing department research area demographics, feedback from the city and marketplace trends. The construction department shares vendor options and installation and pricing information. All of this data is gathered and the design team creates sample boards. A committee evaluates the proposed options even going as far as to install items for demonstrations, checking colors in various lighting and performing sound and performance tests.  This thorough process goes on behind the scenes to ensure SCS delivers quality apartments with the features tenants will enjoy.