S.C. Swiderski Welcomes Six College Associates for 2019!

The year is half way over, but the hard work is just getting started at S.C. Swiderski! At S.C. Swiderski, we recognize the importance of investing in students who help shape the future workforce and we’re proud to introduce our six college associates that we’re working with this year! We’re pleased that three of them have returned to the program for multiple years!

David Hornung served in the United States Navy and is a recent graduate of UWSP. This is his first year with S.C. Swiderski and will be working in the Grounds Department.

Victor Kizewski is joining the Leasing Department for his first year and is attending NDSU pursuing a degree in Finances.

Niharika Talwar is in her senior year at UW-Madison and is majoring in Computer Science, Economics and Real Estate. This is her first year at S.C. Swiderski and she is in the Real Estate & Development Department.

Jack Hatlen is attending UW-Stout for a degree in Real Estate Property Management, as a 5th year Senior! This is his second year in the Leasing Department.

Ian Gibbs will be a sophomore at UWSP at Wausau this fall and is majoring in Business. This is his second year with us and in the Leasing Department.

Logan Langbehn is majoring in Construction Management at UW-Stout and has returned for a third year to S.C. Swiderski, with his first year being in the Excavation Department.

S.C. Swiderski is proud to work with talented students through the SCS College Associate Program. We are committed to providing a valuable experience for our associates. The program includes mentoring by managers, visits to multiple apartment and construction sites and interactions with all areas of the company for a comprehensive learning experience.

Stayed tuned for future blog posts featuring interviews with some of the associates about their experience!