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S.C. Swiderski is pleased to announce Matthew Clark


S.C. Swiderski is pleased to announce Matthew Clark has joined the company’s Maintenance Department asGroundskeeper. He will help maintain the company’s properties. Matthew attended Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Academy and has two years of experience in landscaping. He is the son of our long-term Senior Maintenance Technician, Randy. In his free time, Matthew is building a 1978 Chevy Nova. Welcome to the company Matthew!

 STAR SPOTLIGHT - Architectural Design Team

Josh Sommerfeldt, Karina Griesbach and Paul Cassem (not pictured).

Josh Sommerfeldt, Karina Griesbach and Paul Cassem (not pictured).

This month we are recognizing the architectural design team. Karina, Josh and Paul work on all current and proposed projects from inception until completion. Karina is trained in urban planning; she specializes in creating our site plans and assisting with the pre-development phase. Josh is known for his creativity and diversity handling pure design to final detail drafting. Paul is detail oriented and carries a strong responsibility managing our building plans and the approval process. All three of the design team diligently work to edit and update plans many times over, making sure even the smallest detail is accurate. Thank you for your efforts to help S.C. Swiderski create incredible sites and buildings!

My First Month Interning at S.C. Swiderski

Summer Company Picnic 2017

Summer Company Picnic 2017

My name is Trevor Scheiderer and I have been the marketing intern at S.C. Swiderski in Mosinee, WI for just over a month now. I recently completed my sophomore year at Drake University in Des Moines, IA where I   am studying international business and marketing. I also returned from a four-month study abroad at Universidad Veritas in early May where I focused on general course work and becoming more aware of different global perspectives.

So far, I have had a lot of exposure to different departments at S.C. Swiderski. A good example of this is my involvement with the Leasing Department. I have had the opportunity to work with leasing from both a commercial and a residential perspective allowing me to improve both my communication and professional skills. My main project for this department is to update the images that we have in our portfolio to show how each location has similar, yet unique styles.

Working with the Real Estate Department, I have had many fun and knowledgeable experiences in representing and making the public aware of our ability to buy and sell land. A big task that I took on for this was organizing our direct mailings so we could reduce man hours and increase efficiency in sending a bulk number of postcards out to perspective landowners by working with a local mailing company.

A large project that I had the opportunity to work on was the summer company picnic. I was in charge of ordering the caterer, communicating with the park, organizing the bounce house, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. When the day finally came, I was very excited and fulfilled to know that over 50 people were having a good time, getting to know more about coworkers, and, of course, playing a game of cornhole.

Being that S.C. Swiderski is a rapidly growing company, there have been a few administration tasks that I have had the pleasure to help out with due to internal promotion. This included volunteering to work the reception desk where I was able to answer calls from tenants, vendors, and employees. This was exciting for me because of my previous background in customer service.

Overall, S.C. Swiderski has really shown me what it is like to have an impact on a progressive organization. I have had the opportunity to make executive decisions, communicate with tenants, property site managers, executive directors, and improve the efficiency and brand recognition of a great leasing and real estate company. Thank you to all that have been part of this journey. I look forward to seeing what the remainder of the internship looks like!