Tim Koch joined S.C. Swiderski in 2013 and was named Field Manager in 2018. He has 24 years of construction experience and previously owned a residential construction company. He oversees multiple building projects and the supervision at each site. He ensures projects are completed on schedule and standards of safety are met. He is also responsible for the development of staff. Tim is admired for his straightforward nature and ability to lead and develop his team. 

715-693-7838 | TIM@SCSWIDERSKI.COM


BILL SIEGLER | Civil Engineer

Bill is an integral part of the Construction Division as head Civil Engineer. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and 17 years of experience as a professional civil engineer doing municipal and transportation projects. Bill’s expertise is instrumental in moving multiple large scale projects forward. He is known for his attention to detail and capacity to handle a large workload as well as engaging personality.


Jay Trowbridge | Excavation Manager

Jay Trowbridge is the Excavation Manager. He has twenty years of experience in excavation, equipment operation, bidding and project coordination. He is a licensed Wisconsin utility contractor and skilled at design and installation. Jay manages the Excavation Department and oversees bidding and work on both S.C. Swiderski developments and outside projects. Jay is known for his easy going nature and commitment to his department.