Hello & Welcome.

We are excited to embrace the energy and diversity of area artists through the SCS Artist Display Program. The goal of the program is to provide an unique and visually exciting art experience for customers and guests at Urban West while supporting local artists.

We are seeking artists of all types to apply for our Urban West Art Gallery. The artists will have the ability to display their art in the lobby, community area, and model office of our newly built Urban West apartment complex. The display will be a six month showing.

Here are a few guidelines and rules:

  1. All artwork displayed must be appropriate for all ages and audiences.

  2. All artwork must be insured through the artists.

  3. Artwork can be of any medium.

    • All artwork must come ready to hang.

    • All photography must be pre-framed.

    • Keep in mind these will hang in public areas in reach of tenants and guests.

  4. We are looking for a minimum of XXXX pieces to hang or display.