Marathon City Center       Project - Gordy's Market

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The properties for sale represent S.C. SWIDERSKI's waterfront and commercial land properties.  Whether you are looking for a new location for your business or a scenic and tranquil setting for a beautiful condo, be sure to check the available properties. 


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Northernaire Resort & Spa
Three Lakes 

 Zoned Commercial Land


Own/Build to Lease - As a respected developer and builder, some customers would prefer to partner with S.C. Swiderski, LLC to design
and build them a building for their specific business needs. We'll own the building and lease it back to you as a long-term tenant.

Our professional services can include the following:

- Architectural/Design Build
- Engineering/Surveying
- Construction Management
- Interior Design & Space Planning
- Landscape Design

At S.C. Swiderski, LLC, it's all about focusing on designing buildings and forming strong relationships with our clients. Call us today for mor details!


For questions or more information, please contact us.  We'll be glad to help you make your dream a reality.