Pet Policy

Cats allowed $25/month extra fee.

  • Must Be Spayed/Neutered

  • Must Be Declawed


One stall included in the rent.

Extra one stall is available for
$65.00 per month based on availability


Maintenance Non-Emergency Request Form

General Maintenance Information

Tenant Information and Troubleshooting

The following information has been gathered to help you with general maintenance that is your responsibility as a S.C. Swiderski tenant.  Also, since it is company policy for tenants to replace light bulbs and replace dead batteries, we will supply you with information that will assist you in the purchase of the correct products and helpful tips for ease of installation.

AC Filters         

AC Filters should be pulled from the wall unit, washed with a warm soap and water mixture and allowed to completely dry before reinstalling.  This should be done at least once a month during usage.  This will help with the cooling performance. 


  • Dishwasher - For best performance use a quality detergent, and rinse aid, along with a bottle of dishwasher cleaner every 6 months.

  • Washer/Dryer – No Large Items (Examples: Blankets, Bedspreads, Comforters, or Rugs). Clean dryer lint trap after every use.


Be prepared; have back up batteries for the items that require them.

  • Smoke alarms will require a either a 9-Volt Rectangular Battery, or 2 “AA” Batteries.

  • Rectangular shaped digital thermostat requires 2 “AAA” Batteries.

  • Garage Key Pad requires a 9-Volt Rectangular Battery.

  • Garage Remote requires 1 or 2, (CR 2032)3-Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries.


During cold winter month’s condensation will appear on the window glass.  Things that can help:

  • Prevent (not eliminate) this are:

  • Keep bedroom doors open and ceiling fans moving on low to help air circulation.

  • Keep bathroom door closed during and after shower/bath with bath fan running during and for 20 minutes after use.

  • Open blinds during the day to allow interior heat sun to help with the moisture.

  • Run range hood while cooking.

  • Using a towel to wipe off the moisture that will appear on the glass will help prevent the drywall around the window from staying wet.

  • Prevent placing large items of furniture in front of the windows. This prevents good air movement.

  • Make sure windows are completely tight and locked during winter months.

  • Keeping the thermostat at a minimum temperature even if leaving the apartment for an extended period of time can help prevent pipes from freezing.

Garage Issues

Check if “Safety Beam Eyes” are lined up or if there is something blocking their beam. (Ice at the bottom of the door, preventing it from completely closing.) Helpful hint in the winter, take the remote inside when not in use. Power outages may prevent you from opening you garage door. During normal business hours, contact your site manager first, they have an override key that will give you access.  Most likely they can get to your site before a technician can travel there.

Every garage is wired for safety with a GFCI outlet, located on one of the electrical outlets.  If you have lost power to your garage the GFCI reset button on that outlet may need to be reset.

Occasionally an electrical breaker can flip in your breaker box leaving you without electricity.  Check your breaker box for breaker marked garage, completely flip breaker to the off position, then to the on position.           

Light Bulbs  

If you are physically unable to change bulbs we are willing to install the bulbs that you purchased.

  • Kitchen Ceiling Light Replacement Bulbs – Light Requires 2 – (T8) 48” Fluorescent Bulbs.

  • Bathroom Vanity Light – Requires 4 (G40) Clear or White Globe bulbs that are 40 watts each.

  • Bathroom Hanging Vanity Light – Requires 3 - 60 watt light bulbs.

  • Over the Kitchen Sink Lights – Requires 1 – (T5) 21” Fluorescent Bulb.

  • Garage Light Bulbs – 1 CFL Twist Bulb 13 Watt.

  • Garage Door Opener Bulb – 1CFL Twist Bulb 13 Watt, or 1 Standard 60 watt bulb.

  • Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs – Vary

  • Under Cabinet Replacement Bulb – 13 Watt/T5/21”

Heat Issues

Round thermostats are preset to go no lower than 55 degrees and no higher than 75.  If you force the thermostat beyond one of these settings you will break the stops, which breaks the thermostat.

Garage Key Pad             

Key pads are run by battery; if yours is not working the battery may need to be replaced.        


To prevent being locked out of your apartment we suggest you have a copy of your apartment key stored in your garage or held by a friend. 


Rectangular Digital Thermostats are run by battery and generally signal when the battery is low and in need of replacement.  On the upper right corner of the thermostat there is a defined spot that shows where you push down.  By pushing on this spot the cover will open up displaying where the battery needs to be replaced.  Replace battery and set back into place.  Make sure battery “poles” are in the correct position.

Smoke AlarM

Chirping from a smoke alarm is a signal that the battery needs to be replaced. We have 2 styles covers of smoke alarms in our units.  Battery replacement for each style are as follows:

Style #1 - Grab the smoke alarm cover and turn it to the left.  This should allow your cover to come loose.  Detach the old battery from the wire harness, and install the new battery.  Line up the grooves in the plate on the wall, insert cover and turn it to the right catching the plate and holding the cover in place.

Style #2 – Smoke alarm face plate has a push button hatch, press this plate it will drop open.  Replace battery, making sure that the “poles” are in the correct position. Press hatch back into place.

Helpful Hints

  • Purchase a plastic drain screen that will help catch hair, this will help with preventing clogs.

  • Purchase a toilet plunger. Use only toilet paper, no feminine products, cotton swabs, etc. are to be flushed down the toilet.

  • GFCI outlets are located in the bathroom, kitchen and garage. If you are having trouble with not having power to an outlet in these areas, try resetting the GFCI button on the outlet before calling maintenance.